Montpellier & Sète


The coast between Sète and Montpellier is dotted with small seaside villages, nearly all of which are dedicated to the dual arts of wine-making and fishing. The biggest village is possibly Frontignan which is famous for its sweet Muscat wines. Another feature of this coastline are the impressive lagoons with their famous birdlife, particularly the pink flamingos which are such an iconic feature of this part of the south of France.

The vibrant metropolis of Montpellier is a lively student city. At its heart lies the famous Place de la Comédie from where it is easy to get lost in the web of 'ruelles' and little cobble-stoned streets. Architecture, popular shops and typical French bars fight for your attention.

From the city centre many Mediterranean resorts are within easy reach, each with its own special flavour. These resorts were established in the 60s and early 70s, after President de Gaulle decided that France needed to have a tourist industry to match that of Spain. Consequently, some of them can look a little faded but the best one to visit is Palavas-les-Flots, which is bounded by lagoon and sea. La Grande Motte is also interesting to visit, if only for its famous pyramid-style architecture.