Laser Game Evolution, Montpellier

If you've never tried this before, you simply have to get out there and book a session! Laser games have become quite popular in the Languedoc and there are various centres in MontpellierBéziersNimes and Lattes. 
The idea is to team up with friends, family or other players whom you don't yet know, but will get to know very quickly, go into a blacked-out arena and - well, shoot each other! The 'guns' give off laser lights and you have to try and zap the other team. It's all perfectly safe and, trust us, huge fun.
Laser Game Evolution is located right in front of Mare Nostrum, near the Odysseum shopping centre, the most famous shop-aholic venue in the area. At this centre, you walk through the entrance and follow the noise up two flights of stairs; even in the stairway you can feel the atmosphere - very dark and smokey and there are lots of neon lights everywhere overlaid by tense music.  All you need to do is sign up (it can be a little pricey but usually they give you great group deals, so be sure to go with lots of people!), create your teams, give yourselves nicknames and collect your numbers.


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