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Do you want to sell more weeks on your rental property?

If you own a holiday property in the South of France and want to let it out, then you will want to maximise your returns. By advertising on our website, we can help you get the most out of your property! South France Holiday Villas works hard to keep at the top of the Google searches in the South of France holiday lettings industry, so you can be sure that your property will achieve high exposure.

Our unique promise is that we visit every property, so both owner and client can rest assured that details shown on our website are accurate, and informed. It also means that we can advise the client on which properties will best suit their requirements.

Advertising with us is easy, and cheap! All we ask is that you provide us with a good description and high-quality photos, then we can get your property listing up and running on our site quickly, before following-up with a visit. Get the most out of your holiday villa with our Villa Promotion Packages, and boost your villa's reach and impressions to gain more bookings, faster!

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How it works


Advertising on our site, means that you will be receiving an arranged visit from a member of our team at some point, in order to view your villa, apartment or chateau. We are there to familiarise ourselves with your property, and to ensure that our published details are accurate. We will be pleased to meet with you or your property management representative, and to answer any of your questions or offer advice, as necessary.

Every picture tells a story, and having good photos is a major criteria for being accepted onto our website. Pictures will be viewed by potential clients in large format, so your photos have to be clear, accurate and, most of all, inviting!

We will keep you informed of enquiries as they come in, and will be continually in contact regarding availability. You will be updated by our Bookings Team as the booking progresses, and you will receive the deposit and final payments promptly.

All client enquiries are dealt with within a few hours of receipt, and all contact with owners is by phone or email, on an individual basis.

For more information, please visit our Booking Process for Owners page.

If your property is within an hour’s drive of the Béziers area, we offer a full management service based on your requirements. Choose from our Bronze, Silver or Gold contracts, or alternatively, we can create an individual profile for you

We create lasting relationships with our owners, most of whom we know personally. To keep in touch we regularly send out a newsletter for owners, which provides updates of the latest developments, highlights some of our favourite properties, and case studies an owner who we feel has some special insight into successful letting. Have a look at our Owner's Experiences page for case studies and owner interviews.




Pricing options


We have been renting out villas in the South of France since 2006 and have seen a huge increase in traffic over the years with bookings rising year on year.  We strive constantly to increase the number of enquiries to our website and can offer the properties on our site excellent exposure to the market. Here's what we offer you:

  • Over 10 years of experience in the South of France rental market.
  • Over 165 000 unique visitors to our website, who are searching for your villa!
  • Our site ranks in the top 3 organic search results of Google for most 'holiday villa' and 'south of France' related queries, effectively out-ranking corporates like HomeAway and Holiday Lettings.
  • Immediate transfer of deposits and payments. No waiting for guests to arrive before getting your money.
  • Excellent and committed personal service to both owners and clients. There is always someone to talk to.
  • Concierge service, offer your guests extra services and discounts on car hire, airport hotel/parking, transfers, etc.
  • Expert listing management advice.


All of that and more, for nearly nothing! All we ask for is a one-time £50 start-up fee in order for us to set-up your listing, visit your property and optimise your property's page within our website's search system, and for Google Search Results. 

Your £50 start-up fee is worth it's value in beautiful photos of your property! We offer for you to use the £50 start-up fee as a reduction on a customised photoshoot for your villa. Our team provides low-cost property photography for our members.

Once you're set up and ready to go, you have the choice between two pricing options:

  • Best for people new to renting, letting few weeks or small apartment/house owners.

    No-risk, only pay when you earn!

    No up-front fees, no commitment


  • Best investment option for people renting seasonally, or larger properties.

    Highest return on investment

    Flat fee for unlimited enquiries and bookings


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Villa Promotion Packs


Have you listed your holiday villa in the South of France on our website? Great! Now, let's sit back and wait for those bookings to pour in - Right? Hmm ... it may need more than that. 

Optimise your listing by creating a great description, and support this with stunning large photos (we can help!). Make sure to price your villa competitively, and collect and show guest's reviews. For more information on how to optimise your listing, check out our tips to successful letting tab.

Have you optimised your listing, but are still not getting the bookings you were hoping for? Or do you simply want to boost your new listing for faster, and better, results? We have designed several Villa Promotion Packs, to promote your listing. Starting from only £99 per year, these Villa Promotion Packs are specifically designed to give your property the boost it so much deserves, and of course to maximise your sales!

  • Basic Villa Promotion Pack - £ 99 per year

    Feature your villa at the top of our Search Results Pages

    Promote your villa across our Social Media platforms

    Feature your villa on 'Our Favourites' Collection page

  • Advanced Villa Promotion Pack - £ 199 per year

    Feature your villa at the top of our Search Results Pages

    Promote your villa across our Social Media platforms

    Feature your villa on 'Our Favourites' Collection page

    Feature your villa on our Homepage for maximum exposure

    Include your villa in our Newsletter and reach 10 000 + clients directly

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Tips for successful letting


Advertising your property correctly can sometimes seem a little overwhelming, and a bit hit and miss. Thankfully, we have the recipe in order to make the most of your holiday home, and advertise it in the best way in order to encourage clients to click the "book now" button. 

Below, you will find a list of key ingredients that will help you to get more exposure, and attract more clients:

A detailed description of your property is key. When booking a property, people are handing over their hard earned money in return for a fantastic holiday. In order to make sure that our clients know exactly what to expect about the property, it is important to provide all details about your property, inside and out. Describe the living areas, the amenities and facilities that your property offers, the outside area, the layout of the bedrooms and anything else that you deem important for clients to know. House rules are also very important to make clear to everyone involved. Do you accept pets? Fantastic, let us know! Is your property child friendly? Wheelchair accessible? Do you have a chlorine or salt-water pool? All of this is very useful information for us and the clients, so clue us in on every aspect of your property for an accurate representation!

Get your photos right. Photos speak 1000 words, and this plays an even more important role in your property's advertisement. Provide good quality, recent photos (minimum size 1200x800) that show the property in its entirety. Nobody likes a pixelated, dark photo - you want to show your property as you see it yourself, and no one can expect a bad-quality photo to portray your property to its full potential. Need some help? We offer affordable holiday home photography for our members.

The price of your property! Research your local market, see what kind of rental properties are around in your area and how much they ask per week. Make sure to list your villa at a competitive, realistic rental price. If you're just starting to let your holiday villa, undercut the competition a little to get people interested, and give your holiday villa a chance to earn valuable customer reviews. If you need advice on this, we are here to help, so please do not hesitate to get in touch. 

Respond quickly to enquiries. By working quickly, you're ensuring that the client who is interested in your property does not have enough time to research others. At South France Holiday Villas, we deal with every enquiry the second that it hits our inbox. It would be extremely helpful if our owners would do so also, and respond to all enquiry confirmations as soon as possible. 48 hours is enough time for a client to find another website, another property, and book through them rather than us. Speedy responses help massively.

Keep your rental companies up-to-date of accurate availability. Unlike other companies, we do not have "instant book". We rely on our owners to provide us with up-to-date availability, in order to speed up the booking process. Often, clients will have their heart set on a particular property that is showing as available for their dates, only to find out that the property is already booked. In order to eliminate this disappointment, we ask you to update us regularly regarding your availability.

Reviews are becoming invaluable. People are looking up reviews for absolutely everything and anything that they spend money on. That new blender you just bought? You can bet anything that there are 100 reviews out there, advising people whether it is worth the money or not. Any and all reviews that you have would be incredibly helpful. Only have them in a guest book? That's fine! Scan them over to us and we will get them onto your property page.

Some other tips that work!

  • UK TV and WiFi are now considered essential assets in a holiday property.
  • Good property management makes the difference between a property which is impeccably presented, and one that is just acceptable. If you aren't on-site to manage your property yourself, then contract an individual or a company in whom you have complete confidence.
  • Consider installing efficient heaters/radiators so that you can lengthen your letting season into April, October or even during the winter months.
  • Cast an objective eye over your property. Clients will not necessarily appreciate too many personal items on display, and they will certainly not appreciate clutter. Keep the lines clean and simple – it will be easier on the eye, and easier on the cleaning.
  • Act on the generous side when it comes to cutlery, crockery, glassware and linen. If your house sleeps four, don't just leave four of everything but add extra plates and glasses etc.
  • Consider making your property wheelchair-friendly; people with disabilities are just as in need of a holiday in the sun as those without.
  • Health and safety is paramount. Your swimming pool has to be securely fenced, any sudden drops in the garden need to be either secured or mentioned on the property details to protect small children or the infirm.

One of the most helpful tips that we can offer you is this: act as a client and spend some time in your own property. Cook, relax, watch TV, sunbathe by the pool...use every facility on offer in your rental property, and make sure that every aspect of the house is functioning, clean and has everything needed in order to make the most of it. This has proven to be the most effective way of making sure that your property is ready for clients.