Végapolis Ice Skating Montpellier

The ice rink in Montpellier has two different rinks - a large professional area where skaters often practise their competition-level routines, and a "disco rink". The disco rink tends to be quite dark with flashing neon lights, music and a big screen to watch videos on. As you progress with your skating, try skating up and down the bridges and ramps that are built under the ice and then swoop through the disco tunnel which makes you feel like you're in a time machine! If you don't fancy skating yourself then hide out in the viewing room above the ice rink so you can still enjoy watching your nearest and dearest tackle the ice! There is a restaurant/café and lockers in which to keep your belongings. 
The location of this ice rink is great, it's right in the middle of the Odysseum shopping centre and is surrounded by other activities such as the bowling alley and Go-Kart track, the Mare Nostrum aquarium, the Galileo planetarium and lots of restaurants and shops. The car park is within 5 minutes walk and is easily accessible.

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