Go-Karting Montpellier

Hidden in the bowling arena at the Odysseum, Montpellier's outdoor shopping centre, is possibly Montpellier's best-kept secret - the wonderful world of Go-Karting! Secret because if you didn't know it was there the chances are you would never see any publicity and it's not very accessible on the internet.  

This is an activity we would definitely recommend to anyone who enjoys fast cars and adrenaline rushes! Don't forget that some of the best-known Formula One drivers cut their teeth on go-karts before hitting the big time, so this could be your big chance to qualify! The staff explain everything to ensure your safety throughout. The track is quite big and there are a lot of turns so it's fun, but be careful not to touch other karts or you will be eliminated - the staff are very strict on this point. No need to worry about your height as there is a different sized kart for everyone. All of the equipment is provided at the reception desk - helmets, even hairnets (don't worry about looking a fright, the helmet covers these up...), and lockers are provided for your belongings. One of the great things is that the staff will time you so you can race your fellow go-karters or just see how much you improve over each lap.


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