Polygone Shopping Mall, Montpellier

The Polygone in Montpellier is one of the best places to go for shopping in the region. There are over 3 floors and pretty much any and every shop that you would ever need. If you're feeling peckish, there are lots of great restaurants, bistros and cafes right inside where you can get some delicious food. Getting to and from the Polygone is extremely easy, with multiple tram stops right outside the doors, as well as several car parks.

Here's a little tip: there are extremely beautiful toilets on the top floor. You usually have to pay 50 cents which can get pricey if you're a big family. All you need to do is ask the lady at the counter for a card (which is free) and you won't have to pay to use the toilets.

The Polygone in Montpellier is essentially an extension of the famous Place de la Comèdie, the heart of the city. Shop ‘til you drop, then wander over to La Comèdie for a leisurely lunch whilst watching the world go by. Montpellier is very much a student town so the ambience is young, trendy and vibrant.

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