Les Estivales

Les Estivales in MontpellierPézenas, Narbonne and Sommières are a great way to pass an evening in the South of France. Every city or village adds its own flavour to the setup and ambience of Les Estivales but they all have the same things in common: wine, food and music. Local wine producers showcase their best wines for you to taste in the company of some delicious local snacks and live music in the background. You are actively encouraged to taste different wines from different producers, for a basic entry fee (+/- 5€) you get a voucher to taste 2 or 3 different wines from producers of your choice and you get a free - souvenir - wine glass.


Every Friday evening on the place Charles de Gaulle from mid-July to the end of August. 7pm – 11pm.
For 5€ you get the chance to sample three different wines from over 40 AOC Languedoc producers, together with a souvenir tasting glass.
There’s a Marché Nocturne at the same time with 150 stalls.
All this plus lots of restaurants, bars, cafés with seating in the open air and lots of live music, dance and street performance.


Every Monday evening in the Market Square, from end of June to end of August. 7pm – 11pm.
4€ for two dégustations + the souvenir glass.
Similar programme to Montpellier but on a smaller scale. Locals, tourists, professionals and amateurs are all equally welcome.