Nice, Menton & Monaco


The eastern part of the French Riviera is a small stretch of coast but it’s packed with some of the most interesting and vibrant places in the whole of France. The Corniches from Nice to the Italian border serve Villefranche, Monaco and Menton; the very names conjure up alluring images of the French Riviera that you can hardly resist. Inland are the Gorges de la Vesubie, smaller than the Gordes du Verdon but possibly even more rugged, these are well worth a visit and only about an hour from the coast. 

Nice is often known as "La Belle". It’s the second largest city of the French Mediterranean and sits happily between the Med and the Alps, resulting not only in an awe-inspiring city but also in beautiful scenery roundabout. The city's famous Carnival is simply not to be missed! Another delightful spot is Menton with its colourful buildings, picturesque streets, numerous bars and restaurants. But probably the best known town in this region has to be Monaco. In this world-renowned sovereign city-state luxury and extravagance are the norm. This fairy-tale kingdom, well known as a tax-haven, is home to a lot of wealthy people. Whether you want to get lucky at one of many casinos, spend a month’s wage on dinner or try out your brand new supercar on the racing tracks, Monaco is the place to be. Don’t have a million to spare? Don’t worry, the city is great to visit for a day, admire the wealth, and enjoy the richness and splendour around you.