Of all the lovely and well-known towns along the Cote d'Azur, it is possibly Antibes which stands at the forefront culturally. Take the time to visit the Picasso exhibition which, after touring the world, has now returned to its Antibes home; with a bigger, better and more impressive array of original paintings than ever before.

This pretty town hosts dozens of cafés and restaurants, so you can spend many happy hours people-watching as you sip your monaco (beer with a splash of grenadine) or a chilled rosé from the vineyards of Provence.

The beach is right beside the town so is ideal for a spot of sunbathing. For night-time entertainment, the best place is Juan-les-Pins just next door, which is heaving with great clubs and restaurants.

If the kids are too young to go clubbing and bored to tears by art museums, then take them to Marineland where they will just love to meet the dolphins, the polar bears and the awesome killer whales. There are shows everyday and it's great family fun.

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