Juan-les-Pins is actually a district of Antibes but since it has its very own ambience and attracts its own fans, it is often taken as a separate town in its own right. 

The crowd which frequents Juan is young, hip and knows its music because what Juan is famous for, is its jazz festival and its nightlife. Since right back in the 1920s, Juan has attracted the rich and famous; F. Scott Fitzgerald and Douglas Fairbanks were regular visitors here. After the Second World War, Juan became known as the 'European New Orleans' and devotees flocked here to hear the likes of Sidney Bechet. Since 2000, the base of music has widened to include funk and rock. Kool and the Gang, Charlie Winston and even Tom Jones have performed here. 

The best-known nightclub is the 'New-York'. Other places to hear live music are 'Le Cristal' bar and 'Pam-Pam'.

For a wider choice of restaurants and other cultural experiences, such as the Picasso museum, try Antibes next door.

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