Biot is a beautiful medieval hilltop village positioned above the river Brague amidst wooded hills, famous for its crafts. Its location so close to the coast makes it the perfect starting point for a hike. Grab your breakfast sitting outside a café in the old square before setting off on your trek through the forest.

The village manufactured pottery at an early stage because of the quality sand and clay reserves below ground. In the 1950s the ceramist Eloi Monod developed the glass-blowing craft for which Biot has become famous. The glass is typically clear or coloured and transparent with very few bubbles. You can visit some of the glass works on the outskirts of the village to see glass-blowing in action.


The centre of an ancient volcano is located about 2 km northwest of the village. Clearly visible on maps, there isn't much to see now except for some of the typical rock forms. The volcanic tufa stone from Biot has been extracted for millennia for building ovens. One local (and very good) restaurant is named "La Pierre à Four" (The Oven Stone).

Although the village gets crowded with tourists coming from nearby CannesGrasse and Antibes during the summer, it retains much of its natural charm and its feeling of antiquity, and is very active year-round.



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