Cannes has to be one of the most beautiful destinations in the south of France. A 'must-see' is definitely the Promenade de la Croisette, the palm-tree lined waterfront avenue. Take a stroll and feel as one with the 'beautiful people' who flock here for the Film Festival. Admire the picturesque beaches and eat at one of the many restaurants alongside. 

Whilst at Cannes, don’t forget to appreciate the gorgeous villas that were built by the aristocracy when the town was favoured as a winter resort. Each villa is highly original but owes its inspiration to a multitude of architectural styles, such as medieval castles and Roman villas.


If you're into shopping, then Cannes is a mecca. Rue d’Antibes is perhaps the most famous shopping street. 

The nightlife in this vibrant resort is not to be missed. Cannes has three major Casinos, lots of nightclubs with every type of music, and countless bars. If you're missing home, or just missing warmer beer and a large Guinness then there are also Irish and English pubs to be found.

There are lots of fun activities in Cannes. You can spend your days discovering amazing underwater life with scubadiving lessons, you can go deep-sea fishing, or just simply sit back and relax on a sailing boat. You can also find quite a lot of cinemas in town, one in particular exclusively plays English films so be sure to look out for it! There is also an English Theatre, so why not enjoy a show after a long day of relaxing on the beach?

You can hop on a boat and sail to the St Marguerite Island, where the man in the iron mask took 11 years to escape from, and visit the museum located there. Another island is St Honorat Island, which is inhabited by monks and has some incredible scenery.

Other sights include the Croisette gardens, the marina and the old harbor, all picture-worthy.


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