Narbonne & Beziers


The central Languedoc is a holidaymaker’s paradise. The glorious sandy beaches of this part of the Languedoc seem to go on forever, sometimes with not another single person in sight. At the resorts, however, there is all the fun of the fair. The famous beaches around Agde, Valras and Serignan are home to tourist markets, shops, terraces, bars and restaurants, making this the perfect holiday destination for young and old.

For those looking for a bit more than just sun, sea and beaches, this region is also  home to some of South France’s most ancient cities. Both Béziers and Narbonne are thousands of years old and of major importance within the region. Dating back to Roman times when they were two principal towns along the Via Domitia, the ancient Roman road connecting Rome to its colonies in nowadays Spain. Later on they were important transport hubs along the famous Canal du Midi which connected the Mediterranean with the Atlantic. And even more recently there was wine, plenty of it. Languedoc is home to superb vineyards so it is not a surprise that everywhere you look the countryside is patched together with rows and rows of vines. Wine-making here runs deep in the blood. If the man you talk to in the street is not himself a vigneron, then the chances are that his father, his grandfather, his cousin or his friend are or were wine-growers in their time.