Cap d'Agde

Cap d’Agde is a great destination for families as it has everything you will ever need. There are 9 beaches here, all of which are as breathtaking as each other, and each with its own ‘ambience’ and devotees - families, sports, populous, secluded, naturist, you name it!

The beach area offers almost unlimited scope for all kinds of water and sand sports. There are cafés and restaurants to suit every taste and budget to be found close to the beach or in the town of Agde. The nightlife here is incredible thanks to its many bars, all offering something a little bit different, as well as multiple nightclubs, the best of which is Amnesia (only about 3 others in the world in Ibiza, Miami and Paris).

View over popular French beach resort Cap d'Agde

The town of Agde itself is often referred to as The Black Pearl of the Mediterranean for its many buildings constructed from basalt and has been settled since Grecian times from whence it owes its name - The Town of Good Fortune, or just ‘The Good Town’. By contrast, Cap d’Agde has grown up within only half a century, after General de Gaulle stood on the sand dunes of the littoral and proclaimed that the French needed to pull their socks up and start building the tourist industry of the future. Cap d’Agde is now probably the biggest, busiest and best-known of all resorts west of the river Rhone. 


Ile de Loisirs

Cap d’Agde has an “Ile de Loisirs” where you will find various theme parks, many for small children and a couple of others for older teenagers. Luna Park is a favourite among teenagers as it only opens in the evening and has a lot of rollercoasters. This is also the place where you will find Aqualand which is extremely popular with tourists and locals; it is a large waterpark catering to people of all ages, entrance can be up to 30 euros for an adult but if you keep your boarding pass of your flight with you you should get a bit of a discount. Food here is expensive though so we recommend packing a lunchbox and keeping it in one of the lockers available there. Another popular attraction on the Ile de Loisirs is the Aquarium Marin de Cap d’Agde, an interesting aquarium for young and old. Also it is not as big as the Montpellier Aquarium so it’s consequently less exhausting.

Not only on the Ile de Loisirs is there a lot to do, Cap d’Agde in general is great for fun activities. You can rent bikes to cycle around over the boulevards or discover the country side and nearby beaches, there is a great go karting track, a large golf course for adults and many minigolf opportunities for the kids, ... not to forget all the watersports and activities. The possibilities are endless!


Popular Festivals

And there are festivals - you would not believe how many festivals! - celebrating anything from Comedy (April), Nautical Activities (May), Cinema (June), Television (September), Fishermen, Patron Saint Pierre, and the Sea in September. August welcomes Harley Davidson fans and in September, it’s the turn of Volkswagen Beetle enthusiasts. Throughout the summer there is water jousting, which is very amusing, with the grand finale in August.

Well-known and much-loved French artistes of stage and screen give free performances all through the season on a floating stage, alternating with ‘son et lumière’ shows based around the long history of the town.

For a holiday venue in the South of France, you can’t get much better than Agde!