Toulon, Hyeres & St. Tropez


This westernmost area of the world famous French Riviera will make you day-dream of golden sand beaches, clear azure waters and white coastal coves. Well known for attracting the world’s jet-set for decades long, this is the spot to see and be seen. Have a stroll on the sunny seaside boulevards, shop for world’s most renowned and exclusive brands, sip a coffee in one of many bars and simply enjoy the vibe. Whether you yourself, own one of those fancy yachts in the marine, or if you just like spotting the most beautiful one you can find, this postcard-pretty coastline is the place to be.

From the military city of Toulon in the West, home to one of France’s biggest naval bases, to glamorous St. Tropez in the East, this region is always vibrant and lively. The coastline is dotted with some of the most photogenic villages in the area. Beautiful Hyères is known to be France’s first resort, experienced throughout the years, and with a perfectly preserved old city this is still one of the regions favourites.