Marseille, Cassis & Martigues


This stunning coastline is squeezed between the sandy beaches of the Languedoc and the famous French Riviera. This diverse stretch of coast is home to the South of Frances’ biggest city, Marseille. With some colourful villages like Istres and Martigues around the Mediterranean lagoon of the Etang de Berre to its West. To its East we find the stunning rugged coast of Les Calanques, home to some picture-perfect villages of which the most famous is Cassis.

Beautiful Marseille, France’s oldest city after Paris, is a bustling port city. More than 2000 years old this city is a historical treasure on the one hand and an energetic multicultural metropolis on the other. With its coloured old port, picturesque centre, beautiful architecture, designer shops and vibrant nightlife this city has got something to offer everyone.

Pretty Martigues is located between the Mediterranean and the Etang de Berre and because of all its little waterways and canals it is often dubbed as the 'Venice of Provence', a style also given to Port Grimaud. The spectacular coast of Les Calanques is a natural wonderland of rugged coastline and beautiful scenery with the picturesque village of Cassis as one of its main tourist spots.