It didn’t take the Romans long to appreciate what a good spot the future village of Olonzac would be to found a settlement. Situated at the confluence of two rivers and with a fort across the Aude close by, Olentiacum was born. At least 8 names changes later, (Olonzanicus, Oronzaco, Olonziacho, Olonsac, Oulounzaco, Oronsac etc), Olonzac is now a delightful village just off the main route between Béziers and Carcassonne. The village has all the essential services on offer, including several restaurants and bars. The village is also justly proud of its rugby team which, for a small village, has surpassed all expectations.

Like so many of the villages of Languedoc, Olonzac’s economy is largely built on wine. Look out for the typical Languedocienne ‘maisons de vigneron’ - these are usually built in terraces along the main street and are recognisable by the way the living quarters are located above a large garage. The garage, which now usually houses either a family car or a tractor, used to be where the animals were kept - horses, goats, sheep and maybe even a cow.


Now, there is a market every Tuesday morning (remember that markets close by lunchtime) to complement the other shops in the village.


The beaches of the Mediterranean are not far away. Take the car through the rocky hills of La Clape and take in the il Doux on the way to Narbonne Plage or St Pierre de la Mer for sandy beaches, or travel to Collioure or even across the Spanish border (about an hour away) for rocky coves and crystal-clear waters.

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