Collioure is a beautiful commune in the Pyrenees Orientales in the South of France. Recognised by its rocky coastline and 3 beaches (pebbles and sand), Collioure is a wonderful place to visit. It is famous for its salted anchovies and Catalan influence, and is full of beachside restaurants, cobble-stoned streets, independant shops and art galleries, as well as a wonderful Sunday market where you can buy lots of local food and drinks.

As well as being beautiful and extremely picturesque, there is a lot of history and architecture to be discovered. The Chateau Royal de Collioure is a great example of this; built on Roman foundations, the chateau walls rise out of the water and make for a beautiful sight. The chateau is open most of the year and costs under 5 euros for adults and children to enter.

Collioure Beach

During your stay in Collioure, you will see metal frames all over the town, if you look through these frames you will see the views that famous artists have painted over the years; it's a lot of fun to wander round the town searching for them. You can then have a look in some of the art galleries and see the actual paintings, making for a great activity.

If you're interested in seeing how the locals live, you can head on down to one of the main squares where you will witness Frenchmen playing Petanque. Or you could take a little train which travels along the coast, a great way to see everything in comfort.

Our favourite restaurant in Collioure is the outstanding Restaurant La Balette which serves superb food and a absolutely stunning view on the lighthouse of Collioure.

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