Vias Plage

One of our favourite beaches, this one should be at the top of your list. Vias Plage is a great little seaside resort that's very family friendly with countless things to do. The beach itself is in the form of a long sandy cove shelving very gently down to the Mediterranean. Safe for the kids, you can relax near the azure waters and watch the planes flying around promoting various activities, all while buying a donut from the local man walking around shouting “Beignet!” at the top of his lungs. There is a semi-private beach down the road next to the Yelloh campsite where you will find a calmer atmosphere and can partake in some of the watersports they have on offer. There are lots of campsites around which will let you use their swimming pool for a small fee, we recommend the Yelloh campsite as it has 2 swimming pools, one for kids and one calm beautifully decorated oasis pool with massage beds in the water for the adults. Right next to the beach you will find the main street which is full of restaurants serving delicious foods and amazing bars welcoming you in with their wide range of cocktails. If you fancy ice cream, go to one of the many lining the street and you’ll be faced with over 50 different delicious flavours. There is a market on one of the main squares as well as all you can eat Paella nights. If your kids are looking for some fun activities, they can play minigolf while you relax in the bar, or head down to Europark where they can ride many rides for all ages.


The town of Vias itself dates back to Roman times and even further as remains have been found of settlements from 4000 years ago. If you are a history buff, then take the walking tour that starts outside the St John Baptist church and leads you around interesting 17th century architecture.
Vias is poised between sea and marsh with the salt 'étangs' creating a haven for flora and fauna. The nature reserve of Roque-Haute has at least a dozen species of scientific importance and can be explored on foot, or on horseback.
Trips out from the town include a visit to an olive-crushing mill in Bassan and an opportunity to taste freshly-milled olive oil. The Canal du Midi is a UNESCO World Heritage site and is a 'must-see' for anyone visiting the Languedoc. Vias has its own special part of the Canal to offer: the mobile aquaduct of the Libron. The river Libron caused terrible damage to the Canal when it flooded and so the aqueduct was designed to carry the floodwaters over the canal. This was an amazing engineering feat for its time and is the unique example in Europe.
Like all the other villages in the region, Vias is surrounded by vineyards. What better way to spend a lazy summer afternoon than visiting a local wine-producing Domaine for a 'Dégustation de Vin' (wine-tasting)? Many of the local producers will be pleased to show you around and present their wines to you.

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