Europark Vias

The annual reopening of Europark for the summer after its long off-season break is a cause for rejoicing in both locals and tourists alike!

The Europark at Vias is the biggest permanent fairground in France and is full of rides suitable for people of all ages. It is very family-orientated until about 10pm, at which time, the ambience changes slightly and teens and young adults take over from the families. The rides are diverse and there are lots of them, including 'Bad Trip', 'Fly Zone', 'Adrenalyn' and 'Rio Bravo', so no matter what age you are, you'll find something you like! Other activities include a mini adventure park for young children, a log flume, coin machines, a runaway train, trampolines, a very big rollercoaster and tons more!

There's a lot of choice as to where to eat; a restaurant, three snackbars, two ice cream cafés and various points to buy crepes, waffles, churros, toffee apples and much more. 

Unusually, Europark doesn't charge an entrance fee. Instead, there is a 'coin stand' where you pay an amount of money in exchange for tokens. You can then use these tokens against rides (each ride is between 2 or 4 tokens). Alternatively, you can just walk into the park and pay for rides with 'real' money. This gives a little extra flexibility but works out slightly more expensive overall.    

There is a large car park right right opposite Europark, and it's only 10 minutes walk from the beach.

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