Mediterranean Garden Roquebrun

Roquebrun is a lovely place to spend a summer's day down on the river beach with its stunning view up and over this hillside village. But after paddling in the shallows of the Orb and helping the kids build dams and waterways from the river stones, head back over the bridge towards the village and follow the signs to the Jardin Méditerranéen. 
This is a park laid out on the side of quite a steep hill where a magnificent collection of plants from the Midi have been lovingly nurtured. The site is well chosen as the hill protects it from the cold northerly Tramontane winds and it opens onto a southerly aspect that the plants seem to thrive in. It's not only the plants that love this location; people come to admire the lovely views across the Orb and down towards the sea. All the plants are native - some you will recognise, some will be new to you, but they all seem to be spiky and thorny, a typical survival tactic of plants from this region.

Kids love to race up and down the paths connecting the different levels and at the top is the remains of an ancient watchtower dating from the time of Charlemagne. Tell them that most of the building materials on the site were transported either by individuals or on the backs of donkeys and they might start to appreciate the efforts achieved by the little association who conceived and executed this wonderful place.
Sadly, this is not a site adapted for the elderly or infirm and best keep an eye on the kids as the paths are quite steep. Open from March - November. Leave your car down in the village or at the river beach parking area and walk up.

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