River Beach Roquebrun

The river beach at Roquebrun is a great place to explore. Surrounded by high hills of garrigue and vines, and overlooked by this hillside village, it provides a very different ‘beach’ experience to what you normally find down by the sea.

The Orb at Roquebrun has an ancient mill and generations of managing the waters have created what is almost a lake with the river entering and departing at either end. The water is never more than waist-high in the summer so it makes a good place to swim, paddle and play for all ages.


The kids will love making little pools and dams out of the river stones and there are hundreds of tiny fishes for them to catch in their buckets. Older children will enjoy floating downriver on airbeds or bodyboards, but be aware that there is a current so don’t let the little ones out of your sight. On the other side of the bridge which spans the ravine, canoeing and other watersports are available.

If you fancy a bite to eat, there is a range of restaurants on the other bank overlooking the river, all with beautiful views! There is even an artisanale ice cream parlour, which goes down a treat after a busy afternoon down on the riverbank.

Another great way to discover this stretch of the Orb is by kayak, for more information check out our article Kayaking at Roquebrun


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