Béziers Plage, Château Vaisseries, Béziers

Béziers Plage is actually nowhere near a beach but on the castle grounds of Chateau Vaisseries on the road to Bédarieux just outside the city. This is the place to see and be seen in and around Béziers, it only opened its doors a few years ago but Beziers Plage has become a great success - and not without reason! Wandering around the castle grounds you'd indeed almost feel like you're in a fairy tale, over the wooden stepping stones you'll be guided by little light bulbs that lead the way to your candle lit table - all under a starlit sky.


During the weekdays it's a calmer venue where you can enjoy a nice dinner or evening wine in a stunning surrounding, if there's a nice crowd the evening will turn into a true soirée when the DJ turns up the sound and the dance floor gets crowded. In the weekends however, this is THE place where it all happens! The early evening attracts people for dinner or tapas but later in the night you'll find a full parking lot, bouncers and a massive party crowd on and around the dance floor. 

Remember to dress appropriate, they may have called it Beziers Plage but there's really no chance you'll get in with swim shorts!

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