Béziers Markets

Fridays in Béziers is always market day. The cities most famous market is the flower market, which takes place all day on the main Allées Paul Riquet whilst about five minutes' walk away is the fresh produce market. Here you will find stunningly fresh fruit and veg at reasonable prices, especially if you buy in large quantities. There is usually an excellent stall of olives too. You'll find several cheese, meat and charcuterie stands whose owners may well offer you a free sample; take the opportunity to try some cheeses hitherto unknown to you and discover a whole new world of cheese. You can even buy live ducks, geese, chickens and rabbits in this market if you want the freshest of fresh meat dishes on the table!

Just round the corner in front of the Médiathèque is the textile and household goods market. There are dozens of stalls here offering everything from cheap nail polish to handmade metal light sconces. It can get quite hot here out on the Plaza so try and arrive fairly early. The covered market - Les Halles - which is near the Town Hall, is open every day except Mondays and is a useful stop on a Sunday morning if you run out of bread, cheese or milk, or just fancy stocking up with something for the evening's barbie.

Don't forget that most markets close at lunchtime.

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