MonCiné Cinema Béziers

The Polygone shopping mall is a new and welcome arrival to Béziers.  It is a beautifully designed outdoor/indoor shopping centre with a good range of shops and restaurants. One of the main attractions of the Polygone is the Monciné on the top floor. Surrounded by restaurants and cafés offering everything from tapas to Asian fusion and US diners, you can enjoy a full meal, snack or just a high-sugar indulgence before or after your movie. Monciné has over 10 screens and is very popular with tourists and local ex-patriates since, every week, it plays a different movie in English. See which movie in English is playing right now. Look for 'VO' which means Original Version. VO could actually include any other language, of course, but the majority will be in English (or American!).

A range of drinks, snacks, popcorn etc are available in the foyer. Parking is beneath the Polygone complex; if you hold a Carte de Fidelité it's free, or if you do some shopping whilst there, then spend more than 20€, get your parking ticket stamped, and it's also free. Otherwise rates are very reasonable compared to UK parking fees.

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