Adventure Park Béziers

Adventure Parks - or 'Accrobranches' as they are called here - are very popular in France. It's common for schools to organise trips to Accrobranche centres in the forest, near the sea or up mountains. It's basically an adventure park in the trees; you're fitted with a harness, attached to a stout wire and off you go, climbing trees, scrambling over obstacles, walking over plank bridges, sliding down on zip wires ('Tyroléans'), that sort of thing. There is one in the South of France that is really great, it's called Bourbaki and it's just outside Béziers.


It's family friendly and makes for a great day out. There are different levels so you can choose the adventure course appropriate for your ability - in the low trees or the high trees (easy, medium and difficult). The courses are all great fun and the staff are very friendly, happy to help you as much as they can! As long as you always have one wire attached to the safety line, it's perfectly safe. The scariness comes from being out of your comfort zone, standing at the top of a tree with nothing between you and the ground other than what looks like a flimsy little wire! In actual fact, the wire is designed to carry much heavier weights than you and everything is inspected regularly. Conquer your fear and have a go - you'll be so glad you did!

There are picnic tables all around the area, and there is a little hut that sells drinks. There is a lot of wildlife and even a small farm full of pigs, boars, rabbits and much more! You can also find assault courses around the park (on the ground) as well as beautiful streams and ponds to be explored, which makes it an absolutely lovely place to take a stroll.

Free parking is situated just outside the park.

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