Béziers Féria

The town of Béziers has very strong Spanish roots and these are most clearly seen during the Féria, which takes place every August. This is a very important festival amongst the many festivals for which the Languedoc is famous and attracts crowds from all over the world. The central focus is the bullfights in the Arènes but the rest of the town lights up with music and dancing in the streets until the early hours. The best time to go for families is between 8pm and midnight. After that, it can get a little over-hectic although in later years, security has been stepped up considerably. Make your way up the main Allées and then head for the Médiathèque plaza where an Occitan village is set up. Most years there is an excellent equestrian display. There is also a carnival procession which you can view from many good spots along the route.

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