Roubia is not a particularly large village but it makes up for its size in gastronomic delights. There are at least two very good restaurants in the village - La Fourchette Folle (‘The Mad Fork’!) and La Grillade de Lou Mercat (our Occitan isn’t brilliant, but we think this is The Market Grillade).  Both come recommended. La Grillade de Lou Mercat is one of the villages' best restaurants, offering good quality food from local specialities to more international offerings. You can eat indoors or sat outside on the banks of the canal. Alternatively they have a large Pizza oven. Or you could just pop in for a drink at the bar after a long day sightseeing to gossip with the proprietor Freddie. The villages' other Bar and Restaurant is La Fourchette Folle. Owned by Louis and Veronique, it is set in the heart of the village, a gentle hundred metres or so stroll round the church from the house. They are open from 10.00 am to 11.00 pm every day apart from Wednesday when they are shut. They have a cosy bar, a lovely outside terrace in the Place du Cadran Soleil, and a delightful indoor dining room. They offer excellent value fixed price lunchtime menus. 

Roubia is right on the Canal du Midi so it makes a perfect spot for walking, biking or even horse-riding adventures. The plane trees along the Canal offer shade on even the hottest days and it is generally quite flat. You can also hire a boat or kayak and leave firm land to discover this beautiful stretch of water, it's dotted with bars and restaurants that are perfect for a lovely break.


Narbonne is about 20 minutes away, on  the ancient Via Domitia. Right in the centre of the town in the main square in front of the Archbishops’ Palace, there is a large hole. It is the viewing point down to the first road that the Romans built in Gaul, linking Rome to Spain. Buy a ticket that enables you to see the Palace, the Gardens and the Museum altogether and you’ll save money. You can then spend a while at one of the many cafés on the main square enjoying a leisurely drink in the sun.

Both Lagrasse and Minerve make for a beautiful day out. Two of the most famous and most visited local villages, Lagrasse is 25 minutes to the south and Minerve is 25 minutes to the north. Both stunning and steeped with history, and again with excellent restaurants for lunch. Both can be busy at peak times, so go in the morning. 

You are also, of course, in the Cathar Country so visits to the Cathar Castles of Peyrepetuse, Monségur or Quéribus make for a fascinating day out if you fancy a slightly longer drive.

The Mediterranean beaches of Narbonne Plage and Gruissan are about half an hour away and there is a range of different beaches and resorts to suit everyone. 

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