Puisserguier is a fairly typical Languedocien village. It is built in a 'circulade', which means that the streets are almost spiral, like a snail's shell, with the outermost walls of the houses built the thickest for defence against the northerly 'Tramontane' winds and invaders.
As one of the last villages on the road to St. Chinian situated on the coastal plain before you start to climb gently towards the Haut Languedoc National Park, Puisserguier enjoys the best of both worlds - commuting distance to Béziers, easy access to the Mediterranean beaches and, as the French say, just 'Deux Pas' from the rugged hills of the Park.
In the centre of the village you will find the post office, a bar or two and a 'superette' for essential supplies. 

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