Poilhes (pronounced ‘Poy’, ‘Polhàs in Occitan) is getting to be considered quite a chic venue. It is a photogenic, pretty and very typical Languedoc village which has the tremendous advantage of being located on both sides of the Canal du Midi. This makes it a popular stop-off point for cruisers coming along the canal and for sightseers watching the cruisers. There are some very good restaurants in Poilhes which cater for locals, Biterrois (people of Béziers) and tourists.

The village has a couple of shops but for a sizeable supermarket you will need to go to Capestang which is 3 minutes by car, or 15 minutes by bike along the Canal.

The Canal dominates life in the village as you cannot go anywhere without seeing it, crossing it, or viewing it in the distance as it winds across the countryside, flanked by plane trees.


Nearby trips could include the Oppidum d’Ensérune for some history, or the Château Les Carrasses for boning up on your wine knowledge. The Oppidum is a museum housing an ancient hill-town dating back to the 6th century BC and Le Château Les Carrasses is a superb 19th century wine domaine that has been developed to offer privately-owned houses and apartments. Alongside its restaurant, the Château will be offering wine talks throughout the summer.

The Mediterranean beaches are only 25 minutes, popular beaches are Valras Plage, Vendres and Narbonne Plage.

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