Nissan-lez-Ensérune (Niça d'Enseruna in Occitan) is a lovely village situated just south of Béziers close to the beautiful Central Languedoc beaches. Like most of the villages in the area, Nissan has wine-growing at the centre of its economy but these days, tourism and its proximity to the beaches and both Béziers and Narbonne also play a part.

Many of the houses in the centre of the village are typically Languedocienne in that the family live upstairs while the ground floor is given over to a large space which would have been the 'cave' and stables, then latterly, an excellent space to store the small tractors used for tending the vines. Of course now, all those houses no longer owned by viticulteurs (wine growers), just have the family car lodged inside. The oldest part of Nissan is known as Le Plo, and consists of medieval houses and narrow streets.

On the hills above Nissan are three windmills, two  of which — Tiquet and Balayé — have been restored and which occasionally mill flour. The nearby Oppidum d'Ensérune and Etang de Montady make for a great afternoon out, combine this with a morning stroll along the Canal du Midi and we can assure you a lovely day for the whole family!

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