Like many of the villages in the Languedoc, the origins of Cruzy are lost in time. There was certainly a settlement here in Neolithic times but no written record has been found prior to 902AD. The village boasts its own museum (Rue de la Poste) where exhibits from the surrounding area can be seen. These include dinosaur eggs, roman pottery and, from more recent times, banners sewn for the Vignerons demonstrations in 1907.


In common with so many other villages in the region, Cruzy was built on wine. The Château de Sériège is testimony to the prosperity that wine-production brought. The Chateau from a distance looks like a majestic house, but in reality is nothing more than a folly; it was never completely finished and never lived in.

As a holiday destination, Cruzy is very well-situated  between the historic towns of Narbonne and Béziers, the mountains and the Mediterranean. The world heritage site Canal du Midi passes just outside the village on its way between the Atlantic and the Mediterranean and allows for a lovely evening stroll under the planetrees . 

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