Heat Club Montpellier

Montpellier is a student city, so it's filled with bars and nightclubs. One of the best nightclubs that the SFHV team know in Montpellier is the Heat Club. The music is very diverse and there are different DJs every few nights. The club is reasonably-sized with multiple bars, a VIP section, a DJ booth and a massive screen hanging on the wall that plays music videos all night. If you're a smoker or just in need for some fresh air, then don't worry about having to leave the club, as there is an outside area complete with tables and heating for in the winter months! There are lockers available for your belongings, the toilet facilities are very clean and free, and the waiters are all very friendly! 


If your teen has asked if they can go to the club, then worry not, the security there is beyond fantastic; if there's any any sign of funny business, they're there within a few seconds. The location is quite good, just off the A9 autoroute.

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