Uzès is a very interesting town with a history more fascinating than your average Hollywood movie. After the execution of the Duke of Montmorency, the title of First Duke of France fell to Uzès. If France were still a kingdom, it would be the job of the Duke of Uzès to cry out, "Le Roi est mort. Vive le Roi!" at each state funeral, and defend the honor of the queen mother. Twenty-one dukes have been wounded or killed as hereditary Champion of France over the centuries - you could be forgiven for thinking that dukedom is not an easy option!

The Uzès of today is a somewhat more peaceful place to enjoy a holiday. Peaceful but lively, with lots to see and do. On Saturday, there is an excellent market selling all manner of fresh foods and also fabrics - Uzès is tradtionally associated with the production of serge, and possibly, along with the weavers of Nimes, Uzès invented denim ('de Nimes'). In the summer, the kids and teenagers will love the fetes foraines (funfairs).  


Uzès is home to beautiful views and landscapes, picturesque streams and fields of vineyards. There are lots of parks, gardens and valleys to be discovered. Why not spend the day hiking in the exciting wilderness that surrounds this beautiful town, you can explore nature, discover sweet little streams, places for quiet picnics, everything! The River Gard, about 15 minutes away, offers various points to pick up and drop off kayaks; make sure you canoe under the magnificent Pont du Gard and find yourself the envy of all the other tourists who can't join in but have to return to their coach tours!

You can take your pick of restaurants for your evening meal, as there are quite a few choices. Most restaurants offer delicious, traditional French food. There’s also a lot of choice for shopping with a range of shops in the town.

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