Cavaillon is a very interesting village, full of history. To the French, however, Cavaillon is all about one thing - the melon. The Cavaillon melon is first and foremost a sweet, fresh, luscious fruit that ideally should be eaten the day it is picked. When choosing a melon, go for weight first; the heavier the melon, the sweeter it will be. The inevitable 'Fete du Melon' is at the end of June.

Cavaillon Melon

The town has a rich cultural heritage and a stroll around the town will take you through pretty little squares, to a beautiful 18th century synagogue, a 12th century arch and various Roman treasures.

'Green tourism' or 'Ecotourism' is establishing a strong foothold in the area with various hiking trails through the Lubéron being opened up and a cycling itinerary which takes the energetic cyclist from Cavaillon to Forcalquier (100km) avoiding main roads.

View on Cavaillon from Saint Jaques

There are many exciting sports available in the town and you’ll find everything from football and basketball to hiking and martial arts.

Provencal food is excellent and for most people it embodies all that is 'Mediterranean', but if you wish to challenge your taste buds a bit further, you have a lot of choice regarding restaurants with over 20 to choose from, and of course there are any number of bars to be tried.

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