Barjols is often regarded as the doorway to Haute Provence and the hilly country of the Var. It is also situtaed close to the stunning Gorge du Verdon and the Lac de Sainte-Croix. The village is refreshed by 42 fountains and crossed by 4 rivers so has, in some measure, been shaped by water, a rare thing in sun-soaked Provence.

Before handing the laurels to Morocco, the village was considered one of the prime production centres of leather in the country. Nowadays, the district of the old tanneries has been reborn as a centre for artists and sculpteurs, making it the principal centre of art and craft in the Var department but there is still a leather market which is well worth visiting.

Another tenuous link with cows is the slightly bizarre ‘Fete des Tripettes’; one of Provence's most traditional festivals.

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