Gorges de la Fou

The Gorge de la Fou near Arles-sur-Tech constitutes the narrowest gorge in the world, and it's just waiting to be discovered by you and your family.

The Gorges are the product of millions of years of geological activity and erosion resulting in breathtaking and unusual rock formations. A small stream that has quietly worked away at the surrounding rocks has left behind one of the narrowest defiles to be found anywhere in the world. Some 1700 metres long, with a depth of up to 250 metres in places, this fascinating geological site is the most visited spot in the whole of the Department of the Pyrénées-Orientales.

The pathway is protected by metal netting overhead and you progress along a walkway that extends the whole length of the Gorge, making this a safe tour for all the family.

The Gorges de la Fou area easily accessable via Ceret.

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