Chateau de Quéribus

Quéribus is one of the best known so-called 'Cathar Castles'. Built by a religious sect that was brutally put down during the Albigensian Crusade in the 13th century these castles are essentially all that remain of these brave people.

Quéribus is near Cucugnan and, like most of the other Cathar Castles, is perched on an apparently impregnable rock. It was the last Cathar stronghold to fall, having held out for a further 11 years after the important castle of Montségur fell to the bloodthirsty leaders of the campaign. With the demise of Quéribus, the fate of the Cathars was sealed.

A well-worn path takes you from the village of Cucugnan up to the castle. After viewing the ruins, descend again to the village where there are several restaurants and bars for refreshment. Also worth seeing whilst in the village is the old Moulin d'Omer. This windmill has been in existence for at least 500 years, grinding and milling the wheat that was grown in the area. The mill was renovated in 2006 and now produces flour for bread, biscuits and pastries. Cereal crops, along with herds of domestic sheep and goats, formed the backbone of the local economy; nowadays, of course, the village is surrounded by vines and wine-making is the most important local product alongside tourism.

The site is quite accessible from Perpignan via the D117.

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