Cirque de Navacelles

This is as much a "circus" as Piccadilly Circus is. In other words, it's not but it is almost circular just like a big top. The Cirque de Navacelles is a curious geological formation caused by the meandering and erosion of the Vis River. The steep meander eventually got cut off from the rest of the river and was left high and dry but with the advantage that this was the only arable land hereabouts for miles, the surrounding country being dry limestone and garrigue. Seen from above, it offers the extraordinary sight of a deep bowl cut into the earth with an almost perfectly circular green field apparently surrounding an island, on which is perched a tiny village. You can walk down into the village of Navacelles, you can also drive but this is not recommended as the road is steep and very narrow and there is little room for parking at the bottom. Park your car at the top and walk down, you'll appreciate the gradient better! There are also several good walks from the top car park you can take. Look out for signs which will tell you their difficulty and how long they will take.

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