The town of Lodève is a lot quieter now than it was in its heyday when it formed one of the most important centres of the French textile industry. The heritage of this fascinating craft is in existence even today at the museum of la Savonnerie where exquisite rugs are still made by hand for use in embassies, the Elysée and national monuments. Guided tours can be taken but reserve a place beforehand with the tourist office.

Another interesting visit is to the old apothecary's where the original pots containing the herbs and ingredients of the medecines of the 19th century are displayed.

Lodève also has a surprisingly full music calendar for such a small town with lots of classical concerts and a two-day festival in the summer.

It's also a good place to be based if you're fond of walking as Lodève is located at the beginning of the long climb up to the Plateau de Larzac and the National Park of the Grands Causses.


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