Lake Salagou

Lake Salagou is a huge manmade lake with several beaches and campsites. Reminiscent of the Sinai desert with its red hills and blue water, Salagou is a great spot for kids swimming as there are no tides and practically no currents. The lakeside is dotted with small sandy beaches and there is a centre that rents out pedalos, kayaks and windsurf gear, they also have a little terrace for drinks and bites. Prepare yourself a picnic, enjoy the scenic drive and settle down on one of the beaches for the afternoon, what more would you want? 


Take the time to check out the abandoned village of Celles; the villagers were warned to evacuate the village before the floodwaters inundated their houses but the engineers got it wrong and the waters never rose high enough to engulf the hamlet. Instead, it's a slightly eery spot which has been used as a film set on more than one occasion, including blowing parts of it up.

About a half an hour away from the lake is Pézenas, the famous medieval city with its pretty architecture, cozy feel and many artisan shops. Together these places make a great day's itinerary!


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