Revel, Sorèze and Lake St-Ferréol

If you fancy a day out discovering this small corner of France then why not plan a tour? You’ll experience a taste of ‘la France Profonde’ with pretty villages, lovely countryside, excellent museums and information, all against a background of gastronomic delights.

Start at Sorèze in the south of the Tarn. Sorèze grew up around a Benedictine monastery and military school making it one of the great knowledge centres in the country. Visit the abbey-school to get an understanding of the innovative education that pupils here were fortunate to receive.

A few kilometres from Sorèze and in the department of the Haute-Garonne is Revel, a charming walled city that has an excellent market every Saturday.

The history of Revel is inextricably linked to that of the Canal du Midi as it was here that Pierre-Paul Riquet, the founder, chief engineer and financier of the canal first envisaged this huge and daring project. He realised that the waters from what is now the Lac de St-Ferréol could be used to feed an immense waterway linking the Mediterranean with the Atlantic.

The Saint-Ferréol Lake is just 6 km from Revel. The lake is an idyllic spot, perfect for bathing or just lounging and it offers a wide range of water sports and activities. Created in the 17th century, this 67-hectare ornamental lake is at the heart of the construction of the Canal du Midi. It is a masterpiece of water engineering put into operation by Pierre-Paul Riquet, the genius behind the Canal.

A visit to the Museum and Gardens of the Canal du Midi is a must. Opened in 2008 the museum is a pleasure to explore, bringing the construction of the Canal to life.


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