Canal Trip on the Lucie

The Canal du Midi offers a winding, shady reprieve from the southern French summer sun. For a pleasant afternoon you could head to Avignonet-Laurageais and board the Lucie, a little barge that does one or two-hour trips over an important section of the Canal. The Laurageais is the region from whence the waters of the Canal are replenished and the Lucie will take you from the Port Laurageais to the spot where the waters enter the Canal. You will be able to appreciate the fact that this is the true watershed that divides the Mediterranean from the Atlantic and that the Canal only came into being thanks to this discovery by Pierre Paul Riquet's. Also worth visiting in the vicinity are Le Parc de Naurouze and the Lac de Saint Ferréol, both of which played an important part in the conception and construction of the Canal.


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