Australian Park Carcassonne

Part zoo, part safari park, part anthropological survey, all fun - that's the Parc Australien de Carcassonne .

Located close to the Cité in Carcassonne the Parc has a range of fascinating animals not normally found outside their native Antipodes. Kangaroos and wallabies and other marsupial furries abound. You can learn about the Aborigines of Australia, and discover how to throw a spear further and more accurately than you would have thought possible. Try out boomerang-throwing, too. This iconic weapon is universally recognised but not many people actually know how to throw it properly. Similarly, the didgeridoo; we've all heard of it but can you make music out of it or just make it squeak? Connoisseurs can play the didgeridoo continuously by breathing in through their nose and out through their mouth at the same time. Can you? You might find out how at le Parc Australien!


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