A family business

The South France Holiday Villas team is a small but dedicated band whose aim is to offer you the best in pre-checked and approved holiday rental properties in the South of France. 

It all started in 2002(?), on a rainy day in Frimly Green. My parents had long had the dream of retirement in the South of France and as years of dreaming turned into months of careful planning, I was asked the question of whether I wanted to join them or not. The weather had been rubbish for weeks and I've always preferred wine over beer - so my mind was made up. "Sure, why not!", I responded.

So I packed up my belongings and my kids, Jake and Gina, and we drove to the South of France; where we settled with my parents near Béziers. For a while, I kept my job in the UK and shuttled up and down several times per month. This soon became unviable and for some time I worked for various local estate agents. At some point, some friends asked me to look after and clean their secondary house near Béziers and surprisingly I loved doing this. Looking after someone's beloved home from home and making sure everything is in order for when they or guests come on holiday turned out to be right up my alley. I soon turned this hobby into a property management company, which eventually also started taking care of advertising and marketing of the holiday homes - turning into the South France Holiday Villas that we know today.

A lot has happened in 15 years and this innocent hobby turned into a company managing dozens of houses in the Béziers area and advertising 100s of houses across the South of France.

Although the company has grown, I'm very happy to say that it is still very much a family business. My young adult children, Jake and Gina, have always helped me as teenagers and into their early twenties. Although Jake has changed direction a few years ago, Gina is still very much a part of the business and is now in charge of property management. Her boyfriend, Sander, joined the company some time ago and I'm also very happy to be able to work with my long-time friend Caroline.

I believe that there lies power and integrity in working as a small family business; where colleagues are friends and family, suppliers are known faces, and clients are valued guests. I believe in a personal approach and tailor-made options.

We strive to visit every house advertised on our website, either visited by ourselves or by one of our few select partners. This means that the houses are well managed, descriptions are current and photographs are up to date. This also means that we can advise you personally on which villa we think suits your group best, and for what reasons.

We are proud that we always go the extra mile for our clients. You can rest assured that you are in safe hands and will receive the best service possible.




Meet the People behind South France Holiday Villas

The South France Holiday Villas team is a small but dedicated band whose aim is to offer you the best in pre-checked and approved holiday rental properties in the South of France.

Why pre-checked and approved? Because we guarantee that a member of our team has visited every property on our website to ensure it meets our stringent criteria for being included. You can be assured that the details you read are accurate, the photographs you see are up-to-date and that the property is well-managed.


Juliana Forte founded South France Holiday Villas in 2006. Since then, our portfolio has expanded to nearly 1000 lovely houses, villas, chateaux and apartments throughout the south of France. Our French office is in Béziers so we are well-placed to advise our clients on the best venues and locations for their holiday destination.

We love the south of France and we want you to do the same. There are so many wonderful villages, festivals, beaches, activities and sights for us to share with you, not forgetting of course, the fabulous cuisine of Mediterranean France.

Our objective is to assist you in choosing the right property that will make your holiday everything you dreamed of. Our Personal Travel Advisors will be able to answer your queries and make further recommendations based on the requirements of your group; you can trust them to find just the right place for you, based on their personal knowledge of the region, individual properties and their owners.

You can also trust us to deal with your booking and payments efficiently. Over 90% of our clients have rated us as “Good” or “Very Good” in our after-sales questionnaires.

We are proud that we always go the extra mile for our clients. You can rest assured that you are in safe hands and will receive the best service possible.


Where We Operate

South France Holiday Villas began with properties around the Béziers area at the heart of the Languedoc region. Since then the business has expanded considerably and we now represent properties throughout the south of France including Provence and the Cote d'Azur. The entire Midi area offers superb holiday venues with some absolutely stunning holiday rentals. We are delighted to offer a diverse and increasing number of properties to suit all budgets on our website.



Juliana Forte - Managing Director
Juliana moved to France in 2002 with her family and children, Jake and Gina, to set up a property management business for rental houses in the Beziers area. South France Holiday Villas was created a few years later, and is now run from the UK although Juliana still makes several trips back to France each year to visit properties.



Caroline Andrews - Bookings Team, Editorial
Caroline and her family moved to the sunny South of France in 2004 after selling her print and design business in Canary Wharf, London. She now researches and regularly writes pieces for our website, which entails visiting lots of gorgeous places, and sampling plenty of the local cuisine. Well, someone has to do it! She also visits new properties advertised on our website to meet the owners and to ensure that all details are accurate.


Gina Evans-Forte - Bookings Team, Blogging and Social Media
After joining the team is 2013, Gina manages the social media side of the business, as well as coordinating the information we have gathered over the years on the area. She is currently putting together a large number of informative articles on places to visit in the South of France, in order to provide our clients with a fantastic source of information which they can use to plan their holidays. 




Sander Tijskens - Bookings Team, Marketing and Site Administrator
Sander is the newest addition to the business after joining the team in the summer of 2015, and has proved himself to be a valuable asset. He coordinates the marketing activities of the company and takes on financial administration and system support. Furthermore he regularly writes articles on the South of France for the website.


Jake Evans-Forte - Property Management
Jake is our Property Manager and is responsible for coordinating requirements for the 40 properties that we look after in the Beziers area. This involves monthly visits, pool cleaning, gardening, and of course the changeovers and laundry during the rental season.




Aisling Watchorn - Grace Inspired Decor business owner
Aisling and her daughters moved to the South of France some years ago, and she has worked with South France Holiday Villas on several occasions. She has designed the décor of various gites and villas for us, all of which have turned out absolutely beautifully, thanks to her amazing taste. Currently working on her own business, she still has time to help us out and brighten everyone's day.


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