Getting the most from your rentals and management company

TV and radio personality, Matt Arnold, talks about his villa in Agel. | Villa Dominique - AGEL101

Matt Arnold has appeared on TV screens many a time and possibly even in your own living room during his time as News correspondent for GMTV and sports reporter for Sky News. You may even recall him as Capital Radio’s Flying Eye as he navigated Londoners through traffic in the 90s.

How did Matt wind up with a villa in the Languedoc? “Well, it was fate”, he claims. “It chose me. An opportunity came up and I bought my villa in Agel without even seeing it”. That was back in 2002 and although Matt only intended the villa to be a holiday base, he spent an entire year there while he added a wraparound hardwood deck to the exterior. “It opened up the entire villa which ensures there is always a shady side to relax on, even in the height of summer”.

How did the original connection with SFHV come about? “I had a cleaning problem and was looking to change management companies. I was Googling and came across SFHV . I phoned Juliana Forte from the UK and she persuaded me that her company could do the business. SFHV has done superbly both on letting and management. I like the personal service they give me and they only bill for jobs done.”

Matt has changed his view of his Agel property over time; whereas it was originally bought to be a holiday home for him and his family, he now views it more as a business and consequently, it has to work for its living. I check prices on similar properties and make sure that my prices mirror the region. Most of my clients are professional-types and I’ve now set up the villa to accommodate 6 people instead of just 4; this means I can maximise income. My ideal would be a long-term let - the electric radiators do a good job of heating the house through the winter”.