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We have well received all the info on your property, we strive to review this info within 3 working days. All being well, we will add your property to our system and do the necessary SEO work to launch it successfully on the web. We will then, of course, get in touch with you to share the happy news!

What if all is not well? It is always possible that we have further questions, there may be missing info or for example the photos are not of sufficient quality. In this case, we will get in touch with you to work on your file and complete your listing as soon as possible.

From the moment your property is live on our site we will actively promote your listing to give it a kick-start on our site. It will be flagged up to our team so we can find suitable guests, it will receive a boost of a few weeks in our search rankings and it may be further promoted on social media and in newsletters.

At the same time will we start planning a visit to your property. Depending on the location we will plan to visit your property asap, not just to verify that everything is as advertised; but also to meet you or your representative. We believe in building personal relations with our owners, and our clients.

Of course, we are always there if you have any questions, whether they are related to our company, to your property or the market as a whole!

What happens if for any reason we cannot publish your listing? It is of course always possible that we cannot publish your listing. It may be that there is consistently missing info, photos are not conform to our specifications or that we simply don't see the property as a good fit for our website. In this case, you will be refunded the set-up fee, it's that easy.