We are ABTA-affilliated !

For all properties with B, Q and OL - suffixes


ABTA Protection

Even though, as a holiday accommodation rental booking agent we are not obliged to be members of ABTA (Association of British Travel Agents), many of the properties we represent are nevertheless ABTA-protected.

The benefit of booking an ABTA-protected property is essentially greater peace of mind. You are assured that your booking is backed by the support, protection and expertise of a professional body.

If you want the extra protection that ABTA can offer then simply look for all the properties on our website with the suffixes ‘Q’ or ‘B’. eg, STPZ113Q or ROQA102B.


Why We Are Not Members of ABTA

Quite simply, because ABTA is for travel agents and we are a holiday accommodation rental agent. We do not handle travel arrangements for our clients but concern ourselves with the selection, advertising and booking of the holiday property of their choice. This makes us experts in the field of holiday villa rental in the south of France, not travel agents.

South France Holiday Villas has been in business for many years and we are proud of the service and response we always give our clients. Should there ever be an issue between us then you can be absolutely confident that we will deal with it promptly, fairly and professionally.

Please note that the Booking Contract is between the client and the owner of the property, not with South France Holiday Villas.